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Studio Yūgō was established by Jaap Beyleveld and Yorinde Diepstraten, both of whom have graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts. Their work consists of audiovisual installations, new media art and performances.

The origin of many of their works lie with natural movements. Diepstraten is fascinated by human dance and its designed choreographies. Beyleveld, who designed his first works for and from nightlife, gets his inspiration from rhythmic movements and machine sounds. Together they translate these two points of view about movements and patterns into choreographic objects.

In many of the works, the viewer witnesses a process in which movement, machines and the physical world interact. This results
in a choreography between the installation and the spectator.


- Pas de Deux - Dutch Design Week - Amsterdam
- Pas de Deux - Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam
- Pas de Deux - ISO - Amsterdam
- Komorebi - Intercell - H7 Warehouse - Amsterdam
- Komorebi - LUX expositie - Michaëlskerk - Den Oever, Oosterland         

- Komorebi- Wish! Licht expositie - Museum Romeinse Katakomben - Valkenburg       

- Komorebi - Mediabites - VondelCS - Amsterdam
- Komorebi - Vensters Expo - Nieuw en Meer - Amsterdam